A few cool projects that I have been working on


A CNCF Sandbox project that standardizes infrastructure and application management using API-centric, and declarative configuration approach.

Tinkerbell Dashboard

A general-purpose web UI for Tinkerbell. It allows you to manage your hardware, template, and workflows from a single place.


Manage Docker containers running on remote hosts from a single dashboard.


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InfraCloud - Work, Enjoy, Repeat

By Gaurav Gahlot on May 15, 2021

If you ask me “How’s life at InfraCloud?” I would say it’s challenging yet fun. We like what we do, and we do what we love. Be it tech, memes, or team activities. In this post, after spending about ~1.5 years here I would like to reflect on my experience working with InfraCloud. Let’s begin from the beginning! Docker B’day, 2019 It was Docker B’day 2019 when I first met a few folks from InfraCloud.

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CKA Experience & Tips

By Gaurav Gahlot on March 21, 2021

The result is out, and as of March 19, 2021 I’m a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Everyone has got their share of challenges, experience, and tricks that worked for them. In this blog post I intend to share mine. I hope you find it helpful one way or another. Study Material I took the CKA course by Mumshad Mannambeth available on Udemy. The primary reason to purchase this course was the number of recommendations it had.

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Entity vs Model vs ViewModel vs DataModel

By Gaurav Gahlot on February 17, 2021

Different people define Entity, Model, ViewModel and DataModel in different ways. However, these terms may sometimes differ from their actual meaning, based upon the context. In this post I would like to share my understanding of these terms. Entity An entity is the tabular representation of your domain class/object in the database and has an identity. In fact, an entity represents a single instance of your domain object saved into the database as a record.

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Structure of a Go Program

By Gaurav Gahlot on January 23, 2021

Every single programming language has got its own syntax or structure; it’s own flavor and that’s what makes it standout. Go is no different. It’s easy and elegant in its own way, making to it fun to play with. In this article we will be talking about: Go program structure running a Go program comments in Go what about semicolons? revisiting the code Go Program Structure To understand the Go program structure, we need to have a Go program first.

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The community has always been so kind

Docker Community Leader

Docker Community Leader

In 2019, Gaurav became a Docker Community Leader. A CL does not just organize meetups, they are leaders, mentors, teachers, speakers, and volunteers in their local community.

C# Corner MVP

C# Corner MVP

With over 966k reads on his articles, Gaurav has been twice recognized as a C# Corner MVP for the year 2017 and 2018.



Gaurav has been recognized as the Most Valuable Blogger by Dzone, for his community contribution via his blog and YouTube channel.