Understanding Relationship between Objects

The relationship between objects defines how these objects will interact or collaborate to perform an operation in an application. In any application, objects of user interface classes interact with the business layer objects in order to perform an operation. And in the background, the business layer objects may interact with objects of some repository which in turn talks to some data source object or service object. Case Study Before we go ahead, let’s consider a Customer Order Management application that manages the orders placed by its customers for some products.

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Understanding .Net Assemblies

Code reusability has always been one of the major concerns for software developers. You do not ever want to write a similar code for two business problems. You would rather like to write the solution once and reuse it whenever and wherever required. This requirement of code reusability gave rise to the concept of creating assemblies and using them in different applications by adding a reference to the same. We will get to know more about it as we have a closer look at assemblies.

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When to use “var” as a Type?

It has been quite a long time since var was introduced, yet it stands debatable among .Net developers. Everyone has a different understanding as and when to use var as a type. A couple of days ago I was also a part of one such discussion, and so I decided to share my understanding. Readability Every developer has all the right to use var as and when they like, it’s just a matter of one’s choice.

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