Entity vs Model vs ViewModel vs DataModel

Different people define Entity, Model, ViewModel and DataModel in different ways. However, these terms may sometimes differ from their actual meaning, based upon the context. In this post I would like to share my understanding of these terms. Entity An entity is the tabular representation of your domain class/object in the database and has an identity. In fact, an entity represents a single instance of your domain object saved into the database as a record.

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Understanding Relationship between Objects

The relationship between objects defines how these objects will interact or collaborate to perform an operation in an application. In any application, objects of user interface classes interact with the business layer objects in order to perform an operation. And in the background, the business layer objects may interact with objects of some repository which in turn talks to some data source object or service object. Case Study Before we go ahead, let’s consider a Customer Order Management application that manages the orders placed by its customers for some products.

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